Advanced Power Services provides the latest technology in standby generators. Providing Diesel and Natural Gas solutions from 20-2000KW, we can help you size and engineer the best solution. We work directly with many vendors to provide a range of products to accommodate your individual project needs.

Remote Monitoring

Advanced power Services’ remote monitoring improves the reliability of your back-up power system to ensure that it is dependable and ready when you need it most.

Saving you money

Advanced Power Services’ remote monitoring saves you money on repair and maintenance by providing historical data to our technicians, enhancing our ability to quickly troubleshoot and repair your system.


Our monitoring software allows us to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports for your power system. Providing a detailed summary of the run data from your backup power system.


Monitoring system is capable of sending notifications (via text message, email, or both) to alert you on the operational condition of your backup power system. Examples of such conditions include unit start/stop/run, control switch position (Off, Auto, Manual), as well as warnings and alarms.